“Let me transform your business into a revenue generating machine using Fortune 500 Strategy
Oh Hey F500 CEO!

First of all, I want to thank you for the opportunity to share why I think I can create a massive shift in your business. And when I say “massive,” I’m talking about the same shifts that I’ve used to generate billions of dollars in revenue for fortune 500 companies.

I don’t do “small” business strategy. I take the same strategies that I use when big companies call me in to solve big problems and generate big results.

I use the kaikaku method to transform businesses. This is where we tear things all the way down to build them back up again.

It is my goal for you to come out of this process with so much clarity and a real plan to go to the next level...not just a dusty old business plan that sits on the shelf.

If this sounds like what you’ve been looking for in your business, then, my friend, let me introduce you to the F500 CEO VIP Day with The Boss Architect.

Spend A Day With TBA
When the Boss Architect Team works with clients on business strategy, our primary goal is to cut to the chase and get results!

We cut through all of the cute and fluffy stuff (that’s just not our style) and apply the same strategies we use for fortune 500 companies to turn your business into a lean, mean, profit-making machine.

VIP days are unique since we don’t take the traditional, long-winded approach to transform your business. But instead, we come in, identify the biggest and most impactful opportunities, and create a plan of attack to fix them...Period!

Here’s what a VIP Day AKA Your Perfect
Entrepreneurial day looks like:

Arrival: We send a luxury car service to pick you up for your day, because let’s be real...CEOs don’t drive themselves.

VIP Breakfast with the TBA Team: Let us roll out the red carpet and treat you to a breakfast fit for a
F500 CEO (complete with mimosas of course )

Session 1: 2- hour Intensive Session

During this session, we clarify your business goals, analyze your current business model and operating model, determine the gaps you have, and select the most impactful next steps for your business that can be executed in the shortest amount of time.

Lunch CEO Style: There’s nothing that works up an appetite like breaking a business all the way down.
We’ll treat you to a mid-day meal, where we relax, and decompress for a bit before we get back to work.

Session 2: Initial Strategy Reveal Session In this session, we go over your initial strategic plan and build out the impact-effort matrix for your business. This is where we’ll prioritize the actions that we should take in your business to get the maximum return with the minimum amount of effort.

Session 3: Implementation Plan Session

In this session, we’ll go over the exact steps you need to take in order to begin executing the strategy we’ve built based on the prioritization we did in session 2. You’ll leave the day with some initial homework to immediately get started on your strategy implementation.

VIP Dinner & Champagne Toast: All of the amazing Fortune 500 strategy building for the day calls for
an amazing celebration, so we treat you to a night out on the town where we get glammed up and
head out for a celebration to toast to your success and present you with your CEO Gift!

The Aftermath
Within 2 weeks of completing your VIP day, we’ll hop on a document reveal call to deliver your fully built-out strategy and interactive
implementation plan.

The Support
In the 90 days following your VIP day, you’ll get monthly check-in calls with me and access to the entire TBA team inside of our
private VIP client slack channel. Think of it as like having a bat-phone for your business. Whenever you’re stuck on something in your plan,
you can give us a holler, we’ll be there to the rescue!


We need dive into your business in an interactive strategy session using the kaikaku method for making fundamental and radical change to your business.


Throughout the day, we’ll have multiple breakout sessions where we work on creating your strategy document and implementation plan.


At the end of your session, we reveal your strategic plan and your initial implementation recommendations. Within 2 weeks, we deliver your full implementaion plan.


We provide 3 additional coaching sessions over the next 90 days to support you with implementation. After that, you select how you would like to be supported throughout implementation. You can go at it alone, get personalized support from the team, or hire us to do the heavy lifting for you.


A Real Fortune 500 Strategic Plan Presentation for your business (not the ‘ole dusty
50 page plans people write that never get used, but the same type of plans I’ve created to
actually execute multi-billion dollar strategies for fortune 500 companies)

A Customized Implementation Plan that breaks down the step by step actions you need
to take to actually execute your strategy (you know as opposed to just looking at your plan
because it’s so pretty)
Measures of truth to keep you honest and hold you accountable, because let’s be real, you
can’t improve anything you don’t measure. We create a customized measurement plan for
your business and let you know what you should track daily, weekly, and monthly in your
business to drive results.
Access to our world - class training and our secret TBA recipes that show you exactly how
to execute the steps in your implementation plan the F500 way!
90 Days worth of CEO Level Support to help you blast through your implementation plan,
cut the trial-and-error, and blaze the quickest path between you and results


When you work with me on your business strategy, you’re being taken care of every step of the way and will truly get a VIP experience. Now this doesn’t mean that you won’t have to do any work (you’re actually going to work very hard :-) ), but what it does mean is that a few things are going to happen along the way:
  • We’re going to get you across the finish line for your business. As long as you’re coachable and trust the process, you will get results.
  • You will never have to chase us down, disappearing acts are not our specialty, but doing exactly what we say we’re going to do when we say we’re going to do it is. As a matter-of-fact, we’ll more than likely be the ones chasing you down to make sure you’re executing the plan.
  • We will always communicate openly and honestly (fluff and bs is not in our DNA, so you don’t have to worry about us telling you anything other than the pure, unadulterated truth)
  • We will always value your feedback and we will ask for it often. You are encouraged to speak up and speak out on any and everything you feel throughout our engagement (we want to hear howwe’re doing no matter if it’s good, bad, or ugly)
    My VIP Day was an amazing experience. I got so much clarity, I feel like a huge weight was just lifted off of my shoulders, and the amount of support that I’ve gotten from the team has been awesome. Also, the fact that
    Kendra worked with me all-night to quickly turn around a proposal for a
    multi-million dollar contract with a fortune 500 company was the icing on
    the cake for me. Kendra is my forever-coach, and I can’t wait for another VIP day.” Here’s to the millions we’re about to make!

    Que Alicea, CEO Q & A Consulting

    Ms. Kendra, I’m so grateful that you helped me figure out exactly what I
    needed to do to generate revenue in my event facility, even during covid.
    You showed me that I was doing entirely too much by focusing on taking
    on more debt to fund renovations, and showed me how I could use what
    I had right then to begin generating revenue. You gave me an amazing
    strategy and plan that generated me over $10,000 in revenue in less than
    a month after our session. I’m so thankful for you.

    Carolyn Jones, CEO CF Elegant Events

    Kendra, I just want to say thank you and I really appreciate you!! You are
    the accountability that I desperately needed. Within a week of our VIP
    session, I hit my goal... received a deposit for my new 1:1 offer, booked a
    new service for the next week, and had 5 consultations lined up.

    Shaleea Mason, CEO Bodies by
    RN - Spa Boutique

    Having someone that’s already been where I want to go has been amazing. I’m busy running my 6-figure business already, so I didn’t want to have
    to go at this alone, make my own mistakes, and figure things out myself. I wanted an expert to tell me exactly what to do. Not only did Kendra show
    me all of the money that I was leaving on the table in my business and
    exactly how to close the gaps. She found an entire new stream of revenue
    that I was missing out on that’s going to generate another 6-figures per
    year pretty easily, and fund my second spa location without tapping into
    loans or my existing cash flow. This is what I needed for my business to reach my 7-figure goals.

    Tajina Rocke, CEO Bare Bodies Sugaring By Tajina

    My VIP Day with Kendra was truly my perfect entrepreneurial day. She
    showed me how to leverage the 7-figure business that I had already created to launch not 1, but 2 different businesses. At one point during the day,
    she came up with a plan so mind-blowing, I immediately told her, ‘Kendra, you’re hired.’ Forget the fact that I had already hired her, I would do it again 10 times over. This was truly a VIP Experience and one of the best
    investments I’ve ever made in my entrepreneurial journey

    Lisa Guitierrez, CEO Dos Hermanos Tacos

    The F500 CEO VIP Day lives up to its name, it’s not cheap, but neither are the results.

    VIP: a person of great influence or prestige; especially : a high official with special privileges

    And we treat you accordingly, but also give you access to a real Fortune 500 consultant for a fraction of the cost that big companies pay.

    The investment for a CEO VIP day is $10,000.
    WHO IS A F500 CEO
    VIP Days are for serious entrepreneurs who are looking for the most direct approach to grow their business. They are not fans of courses and programs where they’re left alone to figure out what works for their business. They also don’t have time to wait months or even years to build momentum in their business. They value their time and are looking for an expert to build out a plan that’s customized for their business and tell them exactly what they need to do to reach their goals.

    They are not scared off by hard work, nor do they lack commitment to their business. They just need a clear roadmap on how to get where they’re going, some support and a little tough love along the way, and they’ll knock their business goals out of the park.

    Does this sound like you? If so, check out your next steps below.

    We have a saying here at TBA. “We want your success, not your money.” So, we’re very selective about who we work with on VIP Days because we want to make sure that we’re a good fit and that we can get you results.

    If you think you’re a good fit for the VIP DAY, go ahead and apply for a transformation call, and we’ll determine from there if we’d make a good team.

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